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Meet the CEOs

Meet Twinsetter Cosmetics CEOs Bria & Brionne Steward!

Welcome to Twinsetter Cosmetics! We are identical twin sisters and beauty enthusiasts from the festive city of New Orleans. Recently, we graduated from Tuskegee University as double majors each earning two Bachelor of Science degrees in Supply Chain and Hospitality Management. 
We were raised in the beauty industry, so our passion for it runs deep. Both our grandmother and mother are licensed cosmetologists. They love enhancing the beauty of other women and making them feel beautiful and confident after leaving their salon. Just by being in that environment, spending most of our days in the salon and seeing how the women felt after getting their hair and makeup done, our love for beauty constantly grew. 
In 2013, our mom started Super Star Beauty - a cosmetic line with hypoallergenic eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks and glosses. While she sold her products in New Orleans at such places as local festivals and bridal events, providing quality eyelashes was always an issue.  
During our study of the beauty industry, we discovered just how hard it is for makeup lovers to find high quality lashes at an affordable price. The perfect lashes should not only fit your eye shape and facial features, but it should also fit your style and personality. We wanted to provide a solution to the problem of finding the perfect lashes, so together we decided to create our own brand, something that everyone could enjoy: Twinsetter Cosmetics. If you love lashes as much as we do, our line is for you!
“Beauty is Power, Beauty is you x 2” is our slogan. Our vision is to create a cosmetic line that would empower every woman to use her sense of creativity and celebrate her beauty inside and out while having fun and enjoying her individuality. We want to make women feel their most daring self: bold, comfortable, confident, and sexy, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. Everyone deserves to look and feel good. 
We are excited for what we can do for the beauty industry. We value quality, uniqueness, integrity, and honesty with a goal of striving to keep our customers satisfied and informed so they can grow with us.
We hope our Twueens (Twinsetter’s Queens) find everything they are looking for as we do our best to bring them the best products at affordable prices. 
Transform and enhance your beauty when you purchase a pair of lashes from Twinsetter Cosmetics.